It’s never been easier to think on your feet: SAP BO Edge 4.1

When your entire team has the ability to make better decisions faster, your company has an invaluable competitive edge.

Business intelligence works across your entire organization to provide real-time business insights from the latest trends to customer behavioral insights and more. SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge edition is simple, intuitive, and loaded with all the latest analytics innovations – allowing you to meet your unique industry and business requirements without breaking the bank. It’s designed to help you:
  • Move from multiple spreadsheets to an intuitive and visual way to analyze your business with a single source of truth
  • Empower every user in your organization with an analytic advantage to help them complete their tasks more effectively
  • Get a real-time view of your business to drive the right decision based using real-time platform HANA
  • Stay connected to your business at all times with the device of your choice

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