Commercial Planning is the basic tool of the organization for the quantitative definition of objectives and commercial performance.

Comercial Planning refers to the generation and quantification of future scenarios for generating sales revenue and directly associated costs, being a key process for Commercial Performance Management (SPM).

This planning must be specified in a sales budget that reflects the evolution over time of the main sales indicators.

Commercial planning can be defined in two ways:

  • From top to bottom (top-down) defining a generic business plan that is detailed according to the detail structures (territories, sales networks, channels, customers, …).
  • From bottom to top (botom-up) projecting the values ​​at the level of detail and adding up.

Once defined, the indicators and metrics to be reached for each element that intervenes in the sales process at its different levels are detailed.

Therefore, it becomes a fundamental tool for monitoring sales performance by comparing the indicators in the real scenario with respect to the expected one.



  • An intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the definition of business rules that allow generating the Sales Budget according to various assumptions and assumptions.
  • Distribution rules at different hierarchical and analytical levels (territories, products, channel, ..)
  • Reports and analytical visualization of the indicators of sales performance and comparison of real scenario with budget.

With a good management of the Commercial Planning, you can obtain a quantifiable sales plan that is aligned with the sales strategy and a monitoring tool to achieve sales objectives.

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