A major industrial company implements a solution which guarantees detailed and accurate reports in order to streamline both decision-making and the production of financial and operational data.


To bring together a great quantity of data of different types in one place, and guarantee the integrity and availability if the most up-to-date data


Analysis and reporting of the main KPIs have made it possible to model and interconnect the business in a simple and streamlined way, with great functional autonomy. This allows users to monitor internal performance indicators and prepare a course of action swiftly or even in advance.

Hyperion Financial Management

Is an OLAP (On-line analytical processing) server which gathers data from various different sources and carries out calculations and data compilation, and offers rapid access to results via the use of a dimensional model. It provides adaptive data storage mechanisms for specific types of analytical and performance management applications, and thus guarantees response times of less than a second, even when the analyses are highly complex.

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