Expertos en implantación de aplicaciones de consolidación fiscal y contable.


Financial consolidation, whether it is for accounting, fiscal and/or management purposes, consists of preparing financial reports that include data for a group of companies that are connected and make up a business group.


  • Collection of information from each source reliably and safely. Automated application of:
    • Accounting consolidation methods (global, proportional, equity accounting)
    • Consolidation rules according to accounting regulations (IAS and IFRS, US GAAP and local GAAP)
    • Different account plans.
  • Management of multiple currencies, both of origin and consolidation, applying the necessary exchange rates.
  • Analysis and Reporting for stakeholders (senior management, shareholders, investors, auditors, credit institutions) Traceability of information and obtaining consolidation closing with a short period of time.
  • Consolidated management capacity.
    • This allows to obtain grouped budgets, simulation of impacts before acquisitions, sales, changes of shareholders in the group, etc.

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