GeoBI is a powerful mapping extension for SAP Business Object. This solution gives the possibility to process the data of the WebIntelligence reports and to analyze them. GeoBI allows you to perform comparative analysis as it offers the user the opportunity to display and work on several maps at the same time.

GeoBI for businesses

Access to information is easy and immediate and will lets you, among other things:

  • Analyze and track real-time sales performance and market share.
  • Identify focal points for cost reduction and optimization of commercial presence.
  • To improve the effectiveness of campaigns or to carry out more specific measures according to zones.
  • Logistics: Optimizing routes or the way in which deliveries are to be carried out.

GeoBI for public administration

Linked with alerts and interactive dashboards, thematic maps allow each user to access information at any time.

GeoBI capitalizes on the existing offering a simple geographic reporting that allows you to analyze the territory management and taxpayer service. Make a decision, make it easier.

In addition with the Big Data technology we can give even more value to massive data and / or external to organization.

Geolocation + Big Data
a fundamental part

Within the Geographic Information System (GIS), geolocation plays an important role since it provides geo-referencing information, where it implies the positioning that defines the location of an object in a given coordinate system.

The placement can greatly enhance Business Intelligence by creating a new way to visualize, analyze, and track associations, sales, customers, and potential customers.

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