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More than 80% of the information system data can be represented on a map. In a continually evolving world, the geographic dimension has become the greatest advantage of information systems.

The achievement of the objectives of any organization, inevitably pass through the control of the activities on the territory. The “geographical” dimension is a key role, and the sea to identify areas of cost reduction, real-time analysis of sales volume, service coverage areas or the presence of the area’s own resources.


GeoBI is a Location Intelligence tool complementary to SAP Business Objects. Sample in WebIntelligence the business indicators in an interactive map in a simple and intuitive and real time.

GeoBI allows you to make better decision. GeoBI maps become valuable tools to help intricate decision-making; use yours drawing and annotations tools to turn them into effective convicing tools.


GeoQlik is a Location Intelligence tool complementary to QlikView and Qlik Sense.

With GeoQlik, access to information is easy and immediate. GeoQlik allows you to cross spatial information with active data from the information system.

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