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Incentive management

Incentive Compensation Management is the management over time of corporate incentive management policies, monetary or non-monetary, that apply to the sales force based on the achievement of the business objectives that have been defined.

The variable remuneration represents the lever that most effectively drives the Sales effort towards the direction of the Company’s objectives. The Variable Remuneration System (SRV) has become the key business process for results-oriented motivation and therefore for the optimal growth of the company.


  • An intuitive and easy-to-use interface with wizards and drag-and-drop features to increase agility and alignment with sales staff.
  • Workflow management and audit follow-up to support incentive compensation management (ICM) processes, such as communication, queries / disputes, partitions, adjustments, etc.
  • Reports and analytics to achieve sales objectives and repair incentives at different hierarchical levels


  • Define a clear and transparent compensation policy process.
  • Multi-level representation (sales representative, team leader, commercial director) of the sales status and distribution of incentives.
  • Alignment of commercial strategy with sales objectives.

In Nova Praxis we are experts in the implementation of tools for the Management of Commercial Incentives

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