Herramientas de reporting financiero y de control de gestión para automatizar la información.


In the context in which we are constantly transforming in which the increase in the volume of data with which companies operate is exponential, the management control areas have the challenge of converting all this data into information that forms the basis for the decision making.

The information is a need that all companies have to make decisions and know all aspects of the business, therefore, it is essential to have effective, reliable and fast information.

With the management control reporting tools we can extract data from different sources, perform calculations and data grouping.

You will have quick access to the results and will allow you to interrelate the business in an agile and simple way with great functional autonomy.

The automation of the information allows to have reliable periodic reports.

Those reports are with dynamic visualizations focused on the interest of each area. This allows access to several users at the same time, obtaining information from different geographical areas, product lines, and other relevant categories.

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