Management Reporting Soluiton

A major advertising and media corporation achieves a detailed global overview of its financial indicators by streamlining and automating its accounting analysis reporting.


To achieve an integrated overview of the parent company and its subsidiaries by aggregating the financial indicators of the companies in the group and automating and redefining the billing process


A flexible process of adaptation that followed the evolution of the company has led to a swifter production of balance sheets; an improvement in processes, reliability and transparency at both Management and Auditing levels; an automation of uploads from ERP systems; and a unified overall vision of the company as a whole.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase

An OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) server which gathers data from various different sources and carries out calculations and data compilation, and offers rapid access to results via the use of a dimensional model. It provides adaptive data storage mechanisms for specific types of analytical and performance management applications, and thus guarantees response times of less than a second, even when the analyses are highly complex.

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