Major fashion company implements a solution which allows the development of personalized analytical applications to manage business performance.


To model, analyze, and achieve a global overview of a business with various chains for the purposes of Management Control (analysis of Sales, Expenditures, Income Statements…).


Analysis and reporting of the main KPIs have made it possible to model and interconnect the business in a simple and streamlined way, with great functional autonomy. This allows users to monitor internal performance indicators and prepare a course of action swiftly or even in advance.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase

An OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) server which gathers data from various different sources and carries out calculations and data compilation, and offers rapid access to results via the use of a dimensional model. It provides adaptive data storage mechanisms for specific types of analytical and performance management applications, and thus guarantees response times of less than a second, even when the analyses are highly complex

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