New: Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

In the digital age, the ability to recognize and explain corporate value is becoming a competitive differentiator. From your customers and your business to regulatory bodies,

everyone’s demanding that you report accurately on your data—and provide narrative that surrounds it. Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is a secure, collaborative, and process driven service for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial and management report packages. In this series of step-by-step tutorials you learn how to perform important tasks in Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Data + Narrative = Actionable Insight
  • Combine the what (data), with who, when, why and how (narrative)
  • Data access and data integration, which provide “one version of the truth” on a single reporting platform
  • Obtain the most accurate picture possible through collaboration
  • Shrink the time it takes to define, produce and deliver reports
  • Peace of mind that your most important and confidential data is visible only to authorized users
  • Trust and reliability that the numbers are accurate
  • Rapid time-to-value and reduced cost of ownership
  • Deliver faster, more accurate insights to all stakeholders, anytime, anywhere
  • Same Oracle security and reliability of all Oracle Cloud deployments

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