Nova Praxis is Oracle Gold Partner and Partner Specialized in Oracle Hyperion Planning & Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
Implantación de aplicaciones y herramientas Oracle Hyperion.
Somos Oracle Gold Partner y Partner Especializado en Oracle Hyperion.

Oracle Hyperion Planning

Is a centralized, Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability. Provides an in-depth look at business operations and its related impact on financials, by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models. With Oracle Hyperion Planning you can meet your immediate financial planning needs while enabling a platform for future cross-functional expansion and automated process integration.

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is a flexible planning application based on Oracle Hyperion Planning that supports enterprise wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a cloud-based deployment model. Provides a rich Web and Microsoft Office enabled planning and modeling framework that supports driver based planning to help connect operational assumptions to financial outcomes. Offers self-service business applications delivered on an integrated development and deployment platform.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

Is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology. It provides financial managers the ability to rapidly consolidate and report financial result, meet global regulatory y requirements, reduce the cost of compliance and deliver confidence in the numbers.

Hyperion Tax Provision

One of the key components for building an effective, efficient, and transparent tax function is proper access to financial data and processes. In fact, financial data is at the root of all major tax functions – tax reporting, tax planning, compliance, & audit management. Therefore, a tax provision solution that is closely aligned with the broader financial reporting process can make a powerful difference in a tax function’s ability to meet its deliverables. Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is a first-of-its-kind tax reporting solution that integrates directly with the broader financial reporting process.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase

It’s a multidimensional database server. It supports extractions from a wide range of data sources, and provides quick access to queries across multiple languages and APIs. Hyperion Esbase is typically used in heterogeneous environments that require support for a range of forecasting and planning tools, business intelligence, and databases. Provides adaptive data storage mechanisms for specific types of analytical and performance management applications.

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