Implantación de herramientas y programas de planificación financiera y presupuestaria.


Learn the keys to making
precise Budgets and Forecasts

Organizations need to make predictions about future scenarios, simulations and year end reviews in order to meet set goals and gain competitive advantage in a market that is more and more demanding.

Companies prepare their budgets using the format of spreadsheets, yet there comes a time when the volume of data to manage, its extraction, transformation, and the need to involve a large number of people requires the use of a computing tool.

Budgeting and Planning tools and programs are collaborative and dynamic solutions, which allow you to carry out strategic planning that meets the needs of generating future scenarios, simulation and analysis of business data.


  • It allows you to transform the entire planning cycle of a company.
    • From the establishment of objectives and the setting of the budget to the generation of reports and revision of the forecasts.
  • Improves reliability in forecasting Automation and standardization of processes, reduction of manual tasks.
  • Reduction of time in creating budgets.
  • Instant information. Budget monitoring and alerts to deviations.
  • Generation of “what if” scenarios to estimate the impact of contingency plans.

In Nova Praxis we are experts in the implementation of Planning and Budgeting programs. We help you to make your budget with the most appropriate software according to your needs.

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