Ayudamos a las empresas a mantener la gestión de los territorios donde opera.

Territory management

Territory management consists of to analyze the current management of the territories where the company operates in order to manage all of them in a standardized way with the same creation and maintenance process.

In a second phase, we would elaborate a requirements document to integrate our solution into a territory management tool.

We provide support in all these phases:

  • To the users of each country to help them design their territories
  • To the IT department to implement the territories according to the requirements.

In short, we help companies to maintain the management of territories according to the requirements and agreed processes.

Advantages in Territory Management:

  • The ability to use account criteria to expand a private collaboration model.
  • Compatibility with complex organization structures that change frequently.
  • Possibility of transferring users between territories with the option to preserve opportunities.
  • Several forecasts per user, according to the territory’s membership.
  • Sales reports based on territories.

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