Analysis & Reporting.

Coverage of all requirements (internal and external) for reporting. Analyze, assess and make better decisions.

Analysis & Reporting Solutions

Solutions for Reporting and Analysis provide you with a secure, collaborative process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial, regulatory, and management reports. Let you meet various needs:

Collect and reconcile large volumes of transactions (from two or more sources), identifying and resolving differences in order to accurately finalize period-end balances and close the books.

Analyze all your data (financial and transactional). Create predictive models to anticipate the future. Identify risks and opportunities for your business.

Discover valuable information about the profitability and profits of your business units and cost centers.

Unify operational and financial data in an easy-to-use Dashboard, with a self-service approach.

Integrate taxes with financial data by automating the tax return process.

Optimize IFRS 16 reporting. Lean on a solution that allows you to meet all the requirements.

Efficiently manage Data and Narrative. Implement narrative reports and provide context to your data.


Analyze and visualize your data more effectively. Deliver more accurate reports at the right time. These are some of the key benefits provided by a solution for Analysis and Reporting:


Automate and reduce manual tasks. Analyze data and deliver reports faster.


Provide more confidence in your data for all stakeholders in the decision-making process.


Powerful Dashboards and narrative reports for better visibility of your information.

Easy to use

Visualizations with a self-service approach. Increased autonomy of business users.


More security in the treatment and collection of data. Information traceability and transparency.

More timely decisions

More documented, informed and timely decisions. Drive the value of your data.

Manufacturer Partners

At Nova we are implementers of Analysis & Reporting solutions from the following manufacturers.


Nova has over 15 years of Oracle EPM experience.
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Nova is a OneStream Silver Partner, since 2020.
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Jedox is for Nova an excellent complement for the Mid-market.
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