Financial Consolidation

Get Control of Financial Consolidation.

Financial Consolidation

Get Control of Financial Consolidation.

Key Features

Automate Consolidation with a unified solution:

Pre-built dashboards for monitoring status, aging, performance metrics, and compliance metrics.

Auto reconciliation of authorized zero balance accounts and balance comparison accounts.

Define multiple consolidation scenarios and rules for underlying levels during a single data collection process. Use complex automatic calculations.

Manages all conversion types and processes them in the consolidation currency. All interest and exchange rates are retained so you can calculate the difference and determine gains and losses.

Intercompany eliminations: Default automatic intercompany eliminations with additional capabilities to customize.

Perform multiple GAAP consolidation adjustments on the same set of data. All adjustments are stored for easy auditing of IFRS, IAS, local GAAP, US GAAP back to the data source.

Powerful filtering and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Natively integrates with Word, PowerPoint and Excel and supports multiple output formats including PDF, PPT, HTML and XML.


The implementation of an automated Financial Consolidation tool will allow you to obtain the following benefits:


Shortens the deadline to delivery of Financial Statements and Closing. Agility to include changes: new accounts or companies.


A more powerful process means more confidence in the data.


Follow-up of all the detail behind each piece of data. More transparency in financial information.

Extensive Functionality

The powerful calculation engine allows you to implement any business rule or KPI.

Cost Savings

By reducing the number of hours in the collection and treatment of information, autonomy is gained in the management of the model.

Improve decisions

Powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities enable you to make more informed decisions.

Manufacturer Partners

At Nova we are implementers of solutions for Financial Consolidation of the following manufacturers.


Nova has over 15 years of Oracle EPM experience.
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Nova is a OneStream Silver Partner, since 2020.
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Jedox is for Nova an excellent complement for the Mid-market.
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