We are Nova

We want to help companies drive their transformation and improve their financial well-being by utilizing data intelligence, to optimise their time with agile and comprehensive solutions.

And in these times of profound cultural changes, you can count on us as a dynamic partner: the bridge that connects the most appropriate software with the most diverse human talent.

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about data, the design of business models, technology and everything, that can be done for your company.

At Nova we are committed to business ethics and a healthy and constructive working environment in which people can develop their professional and human potential.

Our Team

Abel Fernández

Amaya Oria

Carla Gini

Carlos Recarey

César Vigo

Gonzalo Bárcena

Ignacio Fernández

Ignacio Guerrero

Imanol Criado

Iván García

Jaime Llorca

Javier Galipienso

Javier Martínez

Javier Remesal

Jesús Ruiz

Jonathan González

Kieran Burns Diego

Luciana Arce

Marius Trache

Meganne González

Miguel Alonso

Nathalie Hernández

Paloma Rodríguez

Rosa Carrascosa

Sara Bioque

Verónica Iturrioz

Verónica Saiz

Víctor Alonso

Víctor Herrero

Vladyslav Khudzey

We will help you identify your finance management and data challenges, and how to solve them.

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