ESG Reporting

More sustainability for ESG Reporting.

ESG Reporting: Key Features

A single source of truth for ESG. Automate data analysis and reporting ESG to quickly spot issues.

Meet multiple ESG reporting requirements. Manage reporting across all ESG stakeholders. Great capability to meet your ESG reporting needs.

Interactive dashboards for monitoring ESG goals and visualization of trends and anomalies.

Communicate ESG performance with narrative and data.

Use predictive capabilities to validate ESG targets.

To align ESG reporting with financial consolidation and finance reporting. A single data repository for ESG reporting.

Including comprehensive integration with Excel for ad-hoc analysis.

Robust workflow engine to manage approvals and workflow in each business process.

Conduct what-if and scenario modelling analysis. A solution that enables scenario modelling and what-if analysis so that you can continually improve your plans.

Key business benefits

To quickly comply with ESG Reporting you need a comprehensive solution that provides transparency to all stakeholders and regulators. Having a complete solution for ESG brings you important benefits:


Agility in the delivery of ESG reports. Integrated and standardized data.


Manage and reconcile reporting structures to standardize ESG metrics across connected systems.


Monitoring and traceability of ESG data. More certainty and transparency in information.


Compliant with global and local laws, legislation, and guidance.

Cost Savings

More agility in the delivery of ESG Reporting means cost savings in the company.

Improve decisions

Improve decisions with built-in intelligence and advanced analytics.

Manufacturer Partners

At Nova we implement solutions to optimize the ESG Reporting of the following manufacturers.


Nova has over 15 years of Oracle EPM experience.
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Nova is a OneStream Silver Partner, since 2020.
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Jedox is for Nova an excellent complement for the Mid-market.
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