Nova’s Internationalization: Expanding Horizons with Global Vision

Nova se Internacionaliza

Since its founding in 2007 in Spain, Nova has experienced steady growth and has established a solid presence in the Spanish market for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Data Analytics.

Although much of Nova’s initial activity was focused on the Spanish market, the company has always been oriented towards internationalization, building its reputation on the excellence of services, forming an exceptional team and establishing a fruitful network of partners in the technology sector.

It is worth noting that Nova’s four founding partners all hail from different parts of the world: Argentina, France, Peru and Uruguay. This cultural and professional diversity has enriched Nova’s perspective, allowing the company to more easily understand and adapt to the complexities of other international markets.

The Four Pillars of Success of our EPM Solutions Implementation Services Model: Excellence, Guidance, Live Team and Technological Partnerships.

Nova’s success in implementing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions is based on four fundamental pillars. First, the excellence of our services, ensuring high quality and efficient solutions. Secondly, the long-term commitment to our clients, supporting them in their growth and evolution. Thirdly, building an exceptional team with diverse talent, specialized and certified in the technologies we implement. Finally, the establishment of strategic partnerships with technology partners that enhance Nova’s service offerings.

A New Chapter: Focusing on the LATAM Market

Nova has decided to take its internationalization efforts a step further, focusing on dramatically expanding its services outside of the Spanish market. The main focus will be on strengthening Nova’s presence in the dynamic Latin American (LATAM) market, where the company sees great potential for growth in the EPM area.

According to Carlos Recarey, Head of Consulting at Nova: “There are many opportunities in the EPM sector in LATAM, both for large corporations and new start-ups. We want to reach them both through the reputation already achieved, as well as leveraging our technology partners.”

Furthermore, César Vigo, Commercial Director of Nova, points out that as part of the strategy, “we want to focus our service capacity in LATAM, both to assist the Latin American subsidiaries of current clients in Spain, as well as to lead and be direct actors in specialized services in Performance Management in LATAM”.

With this expansion strategy, Nova expects to contribute to business growth in LATAM, offering cutting-edge solutions and consolidating its position as a leader in EPM services internationally. We are excited about this new chapter and thank all of our customers and partners for their continued support in this exciting global journey.

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