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Nova Case Studies

The Case Studies section is a compendium of business narratives that illustrate how Nova has collaborated with various organizations to achieve their goals and overcome challenges. It offers a detailed look at the solutions implemented, the obstacles faced and the results obtained, providing invaluable insight into how Nova can tailor its solutions to meet the specific needs of each process and organization, from the point of view of project execution and the solution implemented.

Case Study:
Workforce Planning

Meet the solution for Finance and Human Resources departments that will help you perform Personnel Planning, measure the impact of decisions, follow up, explain deviations and ensure the balance between financial resources and labor needs.

Discover through this Case Study the importance of coordination between Finance and HR, the benefits of adopting an EPM tool and the key success factors in this process.

Case Study:
Smart Financial Closure

CFOs and their teams must lead at full speed. Today’s environment requires them to deal with daily, weekly and monthly reporting processes, adapting to ever-changing markets and economies. In this context, many companies still struggle with inefficiencies in routine processes. What are the challenges they face today? How can they achieve a smart financial closure?

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